Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie | spoiler-free book review


Among the towering red cliffs of Petra sits the corpse of Mrs Boynton, a tiny puncture mark on her wrist the only sign of what has killed her. Hercule Poirot has only 24 hours to solve the mystery.

A tyrannical old martinet, a mental sadist and the incarnation of evil. These were only three of the character descriptions levelled at Mrs. Boynton, the matriarch who kept her family totally dependent on her. But did she really deserve to die on the excursion to beautiful Petra? Hercule Poirot hears about the murder and feels compelled to investigate-despite the family’s request not to do so. Do they have something to hide and, if so, can they keep it hidden from this master sleuth?


Let’s just quickly underline the fact that this book is original as Hell, which I’ve adored. It’s a short read, the subject was amazing and Poirot’s acting was on a scale from 1 to 10, 20. He had just 24h to solve the mystery involving Mrs. Boynton’s death and although the general feeling was that she deserved it, Poirot didn’t want to hear that as a solution. Her family looks guilty, might be since they all talked to her in the day of her death and some of them actually talked to her whilst she had already died and lied that she was alive.  Her family had all the motives to kill her but did they? Poirot wants them to walk as free people but from wish to reality there is a step to take. I’ve liked it, mainly because of the subject and because Poirot was not taking his time with this one, the action was present all the time which is a plus as well. 4/5 stars from me.




The Snowman (Harry Hole #7) by Jo Nesbø | spoiler-free book review

Oslo in November. The first snow of the season has fallen. A boy named Jonas wakes in the night to find his mother gone. Out his window, in the cold moonlight, he sees the snowman that inexplicably appeared in the yard earlier in the day. Around its neck is his mother’s pink scarf. 

Hole suspects a link between a menacing letter he’s received and the disappearance of Jonas’s mother—and of perhaps a dozen other women, all of whom went missing on the day of a first snowfall. As his investigation deepens, something else emerges: he is becoming a pawn in an increasingly terrifying game whose rules are devised—and constantly revised—by the killer.

The book is about women who disappear but not by choice. Someone out there wants them to suffer, because all of them have one trait in common – they all cheat on their husbands. But why does this man wants justice for men who he hadn’t even met?

I didn’t really liked this book, it’s hard to talk about it without giving so much away. The detective Hole is an antihero, but in this book he just seems smart, outgoing and just on point with almost everything. This is the first book I’ve ever read from Jo N. and I can’t say for sure if I’ll read more, the fact that the author is a rock’n roller made me read it in the first place. Hole is a rocker himself if you must know. The book itself is easy to follow but not that amazing, if you already have a history in reading mystery/murder novels you will know who the killer is, of course that is not enough, you will want to know more about him/her and I think that’s where Jo N. gambled on. The subject is of course interesting maybe more interesting than the ending. I wanted for the criminal to be more present, to know more about him before they discover who he is, you will find everything about him/her at the ending but that didn’t impress me. All together it’s a 3/5 start from me on Goodreads. If you want to follow me there, I leave book reviews in romanian 🙂


Sundays | March

March looks and feels like mid-december or a slowly and very cold mid-winter. It’s a snow storm outside, the windows are iced, thin glass, the cars are covered in the beautiful white snow, the houses are buried in a feeling of peace and outside it’s quiet. Only thing you can hear is the wind and the power of the beautiful winter. My library is full by books I’ve already read and my mind can’t stop racing, I want to read something good, some romance, some magic, some cozy mystery, some thing… anything. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is still in my cozy reading chair, waiting for me to put the magic away back into the library. The house is quiet but my mind isn’t. In the office is warm and I’m at my desk browsing through new and old authors, clinging myself to the ends of a book site where I search to meet my new friends. I’m sipping my coffee and ordering some Anne Rice, nothing beats romantic monsters, vampires… Netflix waits for me to open The Originals serie but I still hang on. I’m near the window and all I can see is the forest, woods and trees all white and seemingly happy. The neighbour dogs are barking and their sound makes me think of wolves who wonder the woods right about now. Sipping my coffee still and with the orders paid already I’m thinking of cooking a Sunday roast and after relax, put the Orignals serie away and hand myself some supernatural with Dean and Sam whilst outside is freezing… Such a perfect Sunday. Oh look, the snow already start falling.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) by J.K. Rowling | spoiler-free masterpiece review


Harry Potter’s life is miserable. His parents are dead and he’s stuck with his heartless relatives, who force him to live in a tiny closet under the stairs. But his fortune changes when he receives a letter that tells him the truth about himself: he’s a wizard. A mysterious visitor rescues him from his relatives and takes him to his new home, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I mean… Who haven’t read Harry Potter? I think of just one person on this planet that didn’t read the whole serie and that’s me. Like I’ve said in a different post, I’ve seen four of the movies with my dad (he saw them all) and as a child I loved them. But now as a 23yo I was searching online reasons why to read the books at this age? And althought I’m just at the first book I’ll give you some reasons on why to start reading it:

  1. Harry Potter is such a sweet, fun child who has a dramatic story but it’s storyline doesn’t let you feel that bad for him because he is living the best years of his life after his Hogwards letter arrives
  2. Wizards, magic, fun and games, deadly games
  3. The friendship that is born between him, Ron and Hermione is absolut goals
  4. The book is written for children so it’s easy to read but 100x more interesting that any “adult” magic book out there
  5. You can take a test to see in which Hogwards House you are (mind-blowing)
  6. The story is amazing, purely amazing
  7. If you feel like you’re going to fangirl about it, there lare oads of things you can buy and you can experience the HP life outside the book
  8. The first book is interesting, amazing, you find out or remember all the plots, the storyline and it’s a masterpiece to read
  9. There are more books to read because it’s a serie omg yes (obvi yes)

5/5 stars right there.



We were liars by E. Lockhart | spoiler-free book review

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense novel from New York Times bestselling author, National Book Award finalist, and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart. 

Read it.

And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.


I didn’t saw when I’ve bought the book that is a young adult one. Don’t get me wrong but teen books are not my style especially since I’ve read my first one from John Green. I’m okay with John Green’s work but he is the most acclaimed ya writer out there so excuse me not if I’ll always compare the style to his.

The books start’s with Candence’s dad leaving her and her mother and all the suffering she needs to bottle up because the Sinclair family is the definition of perfection. American blondes, beautiful and rich the Sinclairs are too perfect to exist and yet they do. Every summer Candence and her cousins Johnny and Mirren are joining together on their grandpa’s private island for a summer they’ll never forget. When they are kids, Johnny’s friend Gat joins them for a perfect summer as well but he comes back every new summer. Candence fell in love with him when they were fourteen, fifteen now and Gat having a girlfriend still doesn’t change Candance’s feelings and when he kisses her and leaves her after, she is shook. An accident happens and she loses her memory of one important summer, the last summer Gat is friendly with her.

Their fifteen summer. Now seventeen Candence goes back to Beechwood to discover the truth of what happened that summer before her accident from the mouths of her friends but they don’t want to tell her, they don’t want her to remember because what had really happened is disturbing to the core. A thriller – mysterious novel I recommend. I’ll give it just 4/5 stars only because it’s young adult and easy to read. The book is good and I’ve liked it but I wouldn’t reread it mainly because it will stick with you.

Documentaries I recommend

Most of the time I find myself getting bored, mostly because I am the kind of person who always needs to do something to keep herself busy. I like adventures and I like staying at home alone in a quiet room but when I’m bored I get the feeling that I need to learn more, to be smarter. I want knowledge, I want to learn things I’ve never imagined exist. And this is how I was since I was a kid, I was watching documentaries, now I have a specific kind of documentaries that I enjoy watching and those are the historical ones but over the years I’ve seen a couple more on vast topics. Here today I’m sharing with you the most awesome ones I’ve ever seen.

Zeitgeist  Mythology and belief in society todaypresenting uncommon perspectives of common cultural issues. Mainly talking about the banks, money and how the Gouvernment is lying and starting wars, religion sacrifices more souls than war is and it’s basically a documentary for you to open your eyes about the world you live in.


Nefertiti Resurrected by Dr. Joann Fletcher – Dr. Joann Fletchers, an Egyptologist finds three abandoned mummies in a tomb in the Valley Of KingsShe thinks the third mummy is the forgotten legendonce the most powerful woman on earth; Nefertiti. With the help of modern day technology and scientists she tries to uncover mysteries surrounding the life of Nefertiti. But is the mummy really Nefertiti? I’ve found it very interesting and loved it since I’ve first seen it as a child.


Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable – The fake story of the art found beneath the depths of the ocean from a 2,000 year old ship wreckDamien Hirst and the crew recount the moments various discoveries are made, the myths and legends surrounding the find. You can find it on Netflix, is interesting and quite amazing, the discovery is as they say unbelievable.


Princess Diana: The secret tapes –  Also a documentary you can find on Netflix. The whole story is narrated by Princess Diana because she records herself on tapes, as a form of journalingShe speaks about the Queen not liking her and about Charles’s infidelities and also about how unhappy she truly wasQuite daunting because it’s a face you couldn’t see at the time because the media was only showing the happy face of everything. 


I want to watch more documentaries about Ancient Egypt so stay tuned.



Winter at my doorstep | update


Winter arrived this morning with cold, cold wind at my doorstop. It’s freezing outside, ice everywhere and it’s snowing but this ain’t a complain. I love winter and I love the fact that it’s still her who rules the weather in February. Second master semester is here and I’m not excited… but summer vacay is coming and I’m a little excited for that. I can’t find any amazing books lately… sorry for the reviews of uninteresting books lately, that’s the reason they suck. If you have any book recommendation please feel free to tell me in a comment. I would love to see what you guys are reading! I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone for the first time ever. I’ve seen the movies with my dad as a child and I don’t remember liking them or not, I just remember the happy feeling that I was seeing them with my father. Yeeey 10 points for dad for being awesome. That’s why I’m giving them a go now. Have you read them? If so, what’s your favourite and what house are you? Glad to talk to you again lovelies,

Take care! 🙂



tumblr_p3smauhENI1wco4ano1_1280.jpg The cabin photo is from my Tumblr, not made by me, sadly.


Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, Mason Currey | spoiler-free book review

As the title clearly says this is a book about the rituals of creativity of the giants of art, music, paintings, writing well art and not only. The book has very short chapters on every artist about their rituals before creating the masterpiece of their lives. In the book a lot of amazing people are shortly presented, such as Karl Marx . . . Woody Allen . . . Agatha Christie . . . George Balanchine, who did most of his work while ironing . . . Leo Tolstoy . . . Charles Dickens . . . Pablo Picasso . . . George Gershwin, who, said his brother Ira, worked for twelve hours a day from late morning to midnight, composing at the piano in pajamas, bathrobe, and slippers . . . I don’t know why someone like Woody Allen would hit the list but I can’t complain about the other artists. The book can be slightly boring for some reasons but one of them is: you don’t know everybody and if you do well let’s just say you don’t care about them all. The book caught my attention for a little while. Artists that are no longer with us showed how plain life can be for them back in the early days… They would just woke up, write in silence, accept some visits, drink huge amounts of coffee, eat, work and sleep again. If you want to know more details about your favourite writers then the book can be great. But if you are a huge fan of them you probably would know what the book has to say about their daily rituals already. It’s interesting don’t get me wrong. The patterns are interesting as well. I was happy that the book presented people from our age as well ,such as Stephen King and Anne Rice. Glad about that. But it wasn’t the book for me. Interesting but I gaved it 2/5 stars on Goodreads.



Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert | spoiler-free book review + movie review

Madame Bovary is the debut novel of French writer Gustave Flaubert, published in 1856. The character lives beyond her means in order to escape the banalities and emptiness of provincial life.

When the novel was first serialized in La Revue de Paris between 1 October 1856 and 15 December 1856, public prosecutors attacked the novel for obscenity. The resulting trial in January 1857 made the story notorious. After Flaubert’s acquittal on 7 February 1857, Madame Bovary became a bestseller in April 1857 when it was published in two volumes. A seminal work of literary realism, the novel is now considered Flaubert’s masterpiece, and one of the most influential literary works in history. 



This year I want to read “the best books out there” and of course Madame Bovary of Gustave Flaubert was one of them. A masterpiece in her age. I like it but it had too much description for my taste. Nonetheless it was a great read.

Emma is a dreamer, a woman who loves romance and lives for it. She reads a lot of romance novels and starts to believe that books are written after real life which sadly doesn’t go that way most of the time. Romance and men in general are not sinonims and poor Emma will learn that when she marries Doctor Bovary. Although a young man he isn’t the gentleman she dreams of. He is a simple man with a simple mind that believes that a wife should be happy just to see him home at night, to cook for him and his ideal night is standing near the fireplace just comtemplating life. Emma on the other hand wants to travel, to grow, to read, to think and to live the most amazing life there is out there somewhere. She wants a man who reads and wants more from life and dr. Bovary is clearly not the guy she wants to end up with so in the end she becomes more and more annoyed with her life.

But her luck changes a little bit when she meets Leon, a young man who speaks poetry, who lives for the most exquisite books out there, a man who loves music, a man who travels the world and a man of her taste.


The book was wonderful, too much description for my taste again but I couldn’t stop there so I’ve watched the movie and gosh it made it even better.

If you are a hopeless romantic like myself and love love, than the book and the movie are especially for you. Adultery comes into place but what is better than a man who speaks his love for you in a hot summer night, in a beautiful garden under the silver moon? Of course it’s tragic.