Ultimate cozy night in

Autumn has officially began!

As crazy at it seems it’s autumn already, yesterday was warm and sunny and as soon as 21st of September hit the calendars, leaves began to change and fall, the rain is present every night, fog every morning and the sun says goodbye until tomorrow at 7:40 pm, which for me was and still is a shock.

It’s cold outside and although I love this season I hate the fact that I now have to see my friends indoors… But that can be a good excuse to plan a cozy night in. Alone or with friends you can feel the joy of spending a night with good food, music, movies, books and laughter with anyone your heart desires to. 

Here is how my cozy nights in will be:

  • Cooking a hearty autumn hot meal like baked potatoes with veggies, chilli or a stew or just creamy tomato soup. Anything hot and nourishing will do. The cooking part is always the fun part, I always play Season of wither from Aerosmith when I’m doing some autumn cooking – it’s relaxing and positive in the same time.
  • Go outside whilst the food is boiling away. I have a garden so I just walk a little between the trees, fallen leaves and through the cold wind. You can go for a walk outside but if you do that just turn down the stove!
  • Prepare yourself a hot drink, I never do that… I take my hot coffee in the morning and then I smuggle an iced Coke from the fridge (yes I use ice in my drinks in the winter time as well… That moldavian blood is showing).
  • Make your bed comfy, play with it, make it cozy.
  • Play a movie, I watch random series on Netflix lately like Brooklyn 99, Supernatural, The Outlander or I just watch a romantic movie like Sleepless in Seatle or just a Halloween non horror movie, I’m still discovering them so I’ll just recommand you Practical Magic (favorite) and Hocus Pocus – can’t get it wrong with classics. Or a Harry Potter marathon.
  • Get a good “shocking, savage and richly erotic” novel to read after the movies, I always choose Anne Rice, the first autumn reads arrived yesterday, they are: Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle by Anne Rice and Dracula by Bram Stoker.
  • Take a warm bath with Lush and all, splurge!!!
  • Write, I love to do that, I want to publish a book in 2019 so writing for me it’s relaxing af.

If you have another autumn routine, comment down below, I would love to read all about it xx





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