Pierre and Jean by Guy de Maupassant | Book Review


 Vivid, ironical and emotionally profound, Pierre and Jean is considered Maupassant’s greatest novel – an intensely personal story of suspicion, jealousy and family love.


Bought this book so randomly it hurts… Impulssive book buying is a thing! But I am not mad about it. The first novel ever read by Guy de Maupassant for me was Bel Ami and I’ve loved it, even though I find classics so hard to read, because they are slightly out dated and the dialect is kind of a turn off. When I got the book I was so happy to see a classical novel with no more than 187 pages. It felt like a victory for mankind haha. Also having a hardcover for such a low price is always welcomed.

Now, about the novel… I liked it, the story is about two brothers Pierre and Jean that are always in a competition with each other, Pierre is a doctor and Jean a lawyer and let me tell you, the competition between these two is strong. One day Jean received an inheritance from a family friend that was more of a friend of his parents than of Jean himself. Pierre got pretty jealous about it, he was keep asking himself why would a family friend that he remembered seeing only when he was a child left such a large fortune to his little brother. He thought about it a lot, he told people about the “surprise” and they all made him think… He started questioning his mom’s fidelity to his father and from there all the dark demons start to unravel within his mind and soul.

This is a story about family secrets, love and about how betrayel can live inside our closest and we could never find out. It shows you how little you know your parents and it provokes you to start knowing them better. A small read, a classic theme with a powerful message, I gaved the book 5/5 stars because I’ve quite enjoyed it 🙂



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