Should you ditch Goodreads?


Hi guys,

I’ve missed this kind of post where we should just chat and today’s topic is Goodreads. Well not really, it’s actually about how you store all the titles of the books you’ve read in your life or by now.

How do you organise yourself for your own true benefit? I know people who write down in a journal all the titles of the books they read or I have friends who store the titles in an Excel document and friends who don’t give a flying f#ck about noting down what they read. Since Goodreads become a thing, a lot of people have, even today, mixed feelings about it.

My experience with Goodreads is complicated, we are in a love hate and love to hate relationship. I store all my books on Goodreads and I love leaving reviews on them for my future self and for others to see. But in the future I’m not seeing myself using it a lot… I think it isn’t personal enough, people can follow what you read at all time and seeing that book that you are slowly finishing it can be stressful af.

So, how are you storing the books you read?

Do you journal them?

Blog about them?

Do you use Goodreads? Why and do you like it that much?

You can share down below your methods and help myself and other bookworms in need. Thank you for hearing me out and don’t forget that I am here to listen to you as well.


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