Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie | spoiler-free Book Review


A woman is killed by a poisoned dart in the enclosed confines of a commercial passenger plane…
From seat No.9, Hercule Poirot was ideally placed to observe his fellow air passengers. Over to his right sat a pretty young woman, clearly infatuated with the man opposite; ahead, in seat No.13, sat a Countess with a poorly-concealed cocaine habit; across the gangway in seat No.8, a detective writer was being troubled by an aggressive wasp.
What Poirot did not yet realize was that behind him, in seat No.2, sat the slumped, lifeless body of a woman.


This book is original, the subject is original, well… it obviously starts with a murder a la Agatha Christie, a sensual murder not a brutal one, thing I’ve always loved about her novels. Agatha writes with a dash of romance about every murder she writes.

The book starts abruptly with the murder of Giselle, a wealthy business woman, that at the moment of her death she was the richest she’d ever been. Madame Giselle had a simple yet adventurous business, she borrowed money to rich high up the social ladder people/personalities. Huge sums of money and if they wouldn’t keep the end of their bargain she would release secrets about them to the media or to their enemies, again in exachange of great deals of money. Madame Giselle was a smart, independent woman and she was the best in her line of work. She kept receipts of everything but after her death, Poirot and Inspector Japp found out that all her papers were burnt by her loyal servant just like Giselle had ordered in the case of her own death.

The action in solving the murder starts immediatly which is kind of a surprise. Well to be quite fair it is a short book to begin with (200p.).

When Poirot investigates Madame’s private life and starts talking with her servant the book turns from an interesting one to a full mysterious one and I loved it. Everything happens so fast and the murderer is disgusting but I wasn’t expecting to be who it truly was. There were some shocking elements of the story but I’ve liked it a lot. You can finish it in a day just like I did because it’s clearly a short story but a good story.





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