Summer sucks but Autumn is coming

Let me paint the picture here, I’m currently living in a small apartment, not small small but definitely smaller than I am used to. This comes from a person who lived all their life in a house, so you get me. It’s hot in here and althought I hate saying this, I hate summer, I see the smoking fun posibilities of hot weather but I can’t cope with it. I don’t like the heat for more than a month. Was just talking with my boyfriend and he said that he loves winter and autumn and I love autumn as well, gosh I live for autumn but I was afraid to admit it. I am afraid to admit the fact that I would take autumn over summer any day. I am afraid that this makes me an adult… argh, weird right? Will return to my diet Pepsi which apparently is better than diet Coke but still harmful for you, dang it. Are you afraid of admitting that you hate summer? Makes two of us.

Sleep tight lovelies,

Diana xx



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