Why Anne Rice’s writings shouldn’t be considered fantasy

Recently a guy asked me if I read fantasy novels but he made a comment that made me think, even if he probably wasn’t. He asked me if I read fantasy novels but not the “vampire Anne Rice fantasy ones because those are for 14yolds”. It made me angry to say at least so I had to blog about it 🙂 #rant

To be here and clear once and for all, Anne Rice doesn’t write for 14yolds, her books are about vampires yes, but are on the smart side of vampire books and tbh there aren’t a lot  of books that anyone could compare to hers. She is witty, genuine, has a strong approach on the english dictionary and man she writes magic.

Her books aren’t easy to read or to understand. From a first view there are ancient vampires who sleep with themselves (erotically) and love themselves deeply but that’s if you read between the lines. When I read her books (vampires,werewolves,witches,etc.) I feel empowered by all the knowledge I grasp with every breathe I take inside of me. Her vampires are smart, sensual and deeply rooted into the nature of feelings. They may be beasts but they are completely human, the human that we forgot to own/be. Her witches are charismatic and smart and bloody hot and they are completely lustful and magical in a sense that they are iconic. Anne Rice writes with passion, you can feel it in every word she puts to paper, you can hear her voice tremble when Lestat appears amongs your pages or when Marius starts talking or when Julien makes himself come back from the grave. She doesn’t write that kind of fantasy. She writes about a love that is hard to find, with words pouring from the warm gold of ancient Egypt. She writes about history in a manner that not even historians could write, it’s like she was there, it’s like she is truly immortal, because SHE IS.

Anne Rice is a phenomenon, a masterpiece of a woman and writer. She is God, the Goddess of the vampire world.



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