Why we should study the classics


I’ve just recently finished Downton Abbey, which is an exquisite serie that takes place into the roaring twenties, an era of good manners, servants, gossip, social etiquete and an era of change. A different vibe from the victorian era we all love, well I love.

Why the classics should be studied when it comes to a tv serie you ask… simple, because Downton Abbey reminded me of great arhitecture, amazing education, bold books and amazing art. The classics should be study for us to know our history, for us to discover how quality always rise above quantity, to learn the fine arts of true masters because in the lost centuries there were masters of anything, people were honest and good, they had morals and thoughts like no other, they gaved birth to everything we play with nowadays. Genuine and geniuses were in vogue. We should study the best to become the best and we should see more than Instagram suggests we should, we should see the hard work that took place over the years, how poets died poor for us to enrich our own soul, how painters refused great deals of money for us to see their hard work into museums nowadays for a sum cheaper that a lipstick at MAC.

We should study the classics because they were like us, trying to understand human nature, trying to beat the odds, trying to live in peace and love, trying to remain remembered over the years…



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