Why rock’n roll is good for you


I’ve always listened to this genre, since I was a kid my dad played everything from classic rock to hard rock to country music. My mom played the other amazing half like Queen, Boney M, ABBA and Foreigner so I’ve got some amazing history with the rock music.

I’ve found out how listening to rock’n roll can be beneficial for you in the short and long run and here’s how this magic goes:

  1. Rock’n roll is always positive – when you listen to positive music, positivity will grow inside you and as a result will make your day and life better
  2. Rock’n roll is romantic and sexy – you can pick up someone with a song that sings romance but spells sex anytime. Some songs are so romantic that you just want to stop in the middle of the street, in the middle of the night and just dance under a silver moon with the amazing instruments playing in your ear, but when you listen to the songs carefully you finally realise how goddamn hot it is. They always put you in the mood.
  3. Rockstars are mood swingers – their angelic girlish voice will always make you feel good, positive, powerful and their life stories to the road to success will always boost your mood
  4. Rock’n roll songs are always a good roadtrip choice
  5. They make you do stuff – rock’n roll is a strong music that empower people to do amazing stuff, it can motivate you almost everytime
  6. A lot of amazing, smart, interesting people listen to rock’n roll – so you can always make friends and almost everybody is freaking hot too



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