forgive AND forget


What I’ve learned in my 23 years of living is that people may sometimes forgive but never forget and I slightly get that but holding a grundge is stupid and painful as well and mostly for yourself. People were mean to me and some of them really hurt me but I forgive them and I forget what they did because if I think about it I only draw negative things and stupid people into my life and I can’t take that. I don’t talk to those people anymore but I don’t resent them either. They are not in my life anymore and that’s fine by me, Hell that’s awesome for me. I am the type of person who loves and loves and loves but I’m also pretty fucking crazy loyal so I can’t hurt you if I love you can’t I? And I can’t be in your life if I don’t love at least one thing about you can I?

My advice to you is to move on. Love the people in your life, give them your soul, give them everything because they are important to you and to the mean ones you should give them forgiveness. I’ve saw someone who had hate thrown at them constantly by one person for years and you know what he told the person after years of stupid comments thrown at him for no reason? “Btw I don’t hate you.” And that for me was baffling… First I didn’t understand, I’ve thought he was a coward but you know what? He was smart and genuine and kind and he moved on, he was happy and you can be as well only if you forgive but most importantly if you FORGET.


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