My relationship with Buzzfeed


Everyone knows about Buzzfeed, you’ve either encountered their videos on Youtube or maybe you’ve searched for something on Google and their blog has all the answers but I know for sure that you’ve encountered them at least once. Being a famous social platform with millions of followers they thought every little thing they creat will work. But most of the time all they talk about is bullsh*t and they expand that bullsh*t on and on and what amazes me the most is that a lot of people believe them all the freaking time. I have a love hate relationship with Buzzfeed for a lot of reasons, they smack talk, they have a lot of stupid opinions about various topics and they truly just listen to what they say so and only what they say so is right. They basically act like annoying teens. A lot of great people had left Buzzfeed and that to me was the final reason to unsubscribe. Their articles on the blog are also poorly written.

But I still watch some shows from them and if you have the same opinion as me, here are some shows that deserve a little rule breaking.

Buzzfeed Unsolved –  Buzzfeed Unsolved documentaries are legit, the facts are right and good, the information is plenty, the guys rock it, they serve history on a plate and you can see through them some amazing places whilst hearing of conspirations and some old and cool ghost stories. I also watch a little the routines of CEO’s or something life changing but there’s not a lot of that.



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