Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie | spoiler-free book review



Among the towering red cliffs of Petra sits the corpse of Mrs Boynton, a tiny puncture mark on her wrist the only sign of what has killed her. Hercule Poirot has only 24 hours to solve the mystery.

A tyrannical old martinet, a mental sadist and the incarnation of evil. These were only three of the character descriptions levelled at Mrs. Boynton, the matriarch who kept her family totally dependent on her. But did she really deserve to die on the excursion to beautiful Petra? Hercule Poirot hears about the murder and feels compelled to investigate-despite the family’s request not to do so. Do they have something to hide and, if so, can they keep it hidden from this master sleuth?


Let’s just quickly underline the fact that this book is original as Hell, which I’ve adored. It’s a short read, the subject was amazing and Poirot’s acting was on a scale from 1 to 10, 20. He had just 24h to solve the mystery involving Mrs. Boynton’s death and although the general feeling was that she deserved it, Poirot didn’t want to hear that as a solution. Her family looks guilty, might be since they all talked to her in the day of her death and some of them actually talked to her whilst she had already died and lied that she was alive.  Her family had all the motives to kill her but did they? Poirot wants them to walk as free people but from wish to reality there is a step to take. I’ve liked it, mainly because of the subject and because Poirot was not taking his time with this one, the action was present all the time which is a plus as well. 4/5 stars from me.




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