Thirteen at Dinner, Agatha Christie | spoiler-free book review

Here is another thriller by the master of mystery – and the most popular author of all time. Lady Edgware wants to marry a duke, but Lord Edgware won’t divorce her. She jokingly tells Poirot that if he won’t kill Lord Edgware, she may have to. When the lord turns up dead, Lady Jane is suspected. Will her alibi hold up?

Poirot actually decides to look up the matter of Lady Edgware and pays a visit to Lord Edgware but remains baffled after the meeting. Whilst discussing with the lord about him not wanting to accept a divorce, Poirot finds out that the lord is actually happy to divorce Lady Edgware and told Poirot that she must had known this because he personally send her a letter with the deed six months before.

Poirot doesn’t understand why Lady Edgware didn’t mention the letter so he and Hastings pays her a visit. She said she didn’t knew anything and gets excited because she is finally a free woman. A lot more persons are involved in the story, Carlotta Adams being one of the main ones. She is a starting but brilliant actress that mimics Lady Edgware to perfection and she is pleased about it.

The lord is murdered and his servants swear that it was Lady Edgware who killed him because she was at the door when the doorbell ringed, introduced herself, walked into the study room and after her departure the lord was found dead. Easy right? But Lady Edgware was at a dinner party in the same time with twelve more other guests so who murdered her husband? What was the reason? Why other people near Poirot and Hastings end up murdered?

The novel was amazing, the details were great as always, Poirot and Hasting the perfect match as always, Detective Japp was present as well and when you finally can bet your life on the murderer Poirot shakes the earth beneath your feet with the truth. The ending was unbearable in the most amazing way. But I gaved the book only 4/5 stars because it could had been a little shorted but it was a bless nonetheless.




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