Late night conversation with Poirot

Yesterday’s night, heart racing from being alone in the apartment, mind… wired.

My boyfriend went to a study group to study for an examen that will take place tomorrow morning so he left me home alone for the night which is not bad and not good when it comes to me. But since I’m on a diet of positive thinking, I’ve decided to make this night a “me time” night. So it begins…

It’s just me and my most fabulous friend in bed tonight and I can’t imagine he leaving me after a couple more stories. I’ve known him for five years now but I knew from the beginning that our friendship will last forever. Hercule Poirot was a part of my heart since I’ve first discovered him tangled in a mystery five years ago. He was travelling by train and whilst sleeping in his carriage a murder was unfolding in the Orient Express. His words are speaking to me tonight more than ever. I know I should study for my last exam but personal pleasures are the most important things out there. Me and Poirot are chatting for a half of hour now and I don’t want this discussion to stop.

In the backround Bon Jovi is singing about how misunderstood he is but aren’t we all? We want people close to us to know every little thing about ourselves but we sometimes are not speaking.

I want to stop my conversation with Poirot because we don’t have more to follow… I’ve almost read everything from his mom and it drives me insane if I start to think about it.

Although Poirot is an amazing companion and everything I could ever wish for, I miss your embrace whenever you are not here. This post is for you and I love you.





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