I will work with The Law of Attraction

First time when I’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, I think I was sixteen. Didn’t thought much about it but if I would had encounter a movie or a book about it, I would give them a go. Throughout my teenage years I was in places I wouldn’t want to be again, in stupid situations because I wasn’t mastering my own self. I was letting people around me be the voices for my happiness, for my sadness and I’ve let them play with my mood to the max. Someone else, a stranger to you, can’t give you happiness because happiness comes from within and only YOU can make YOURSELF happy. Only YOU can give YOURSELF JOY, LOVE, POWER.

As I was saying… I’ve encounter this powerful law long time ago and it helped me more than I thought it will but I still wasn’t giving a crap about it. I want to do an experiment until the summer air touches the earth where I live by and I will come back with a post about my personal experience with the law of attraction.

How to work with it? Just love yourself, experience more mindfulness and believe, ask and receive. Imagine what you want, what life you want to live and believe in it, believe in the Universe and in yourself and it will come to you. Think only positive and good things will come to you. Be grateful and love the people around you, what you give is what you receive.

In the following months I will do all those things and I will let my mind and soul and actions take me near the things I want and I will take them. Will come back with a blog post about it for you guys,





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