The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, Miguel Ruiz | spoiler-free book review

The Four Agreements by Migurl Ruiz is a short book capable of plenty. The ideas in her are not news but they are so well incorporated and written that I truly believe this book will work, it will help you and it already is whilst you’re shuffling through her pages.

The book has it’s backspine in the Toltic knowledge about human nature and it’s described easily to understand. I like it and I will write my four agreements into my phone to always remind myself that I can do and be better.

An easy to read, short book about how to stop caring about other people’s opinions and to start living your life. I recommand it if you are in the peak of the moment into changing your thoughts and life actions towards positivity.


Disclaimer: Books about positivity and well being will come more to the blog this year because I feel like there are things to change in me as well. I hope they will help you because even if I may read plenty of positive books about the matter, I will only review the ones that actually help. Have a great day lovelies,

Diana xx


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