Instagram Drop Out


These past couple of days I had to prepare myself mentally for some exams, and I didn’t want to. My brain said “no” to study everytime I’ve wanted to touch the course papers and I kind of got lazy. I’ve started distracting myself with Instagram and the need to post a selfie to validate my body and my being, for that selfie to scream: “I am here and I’m watching you.” Which is weird enough but that’s what social media does to you, makes you see and follow other people’s life. Terrifying to be honest and to say at least.

My exam finally past, my last exam (yeeey)  and I’ve study a little. I’m not going to be happy with my results but at least I’m done. By the time the exam came I knew everything that moved on Instagram, not because I care but because I was there to see, to see people for my own boredom and that sucks.

In the day of my exam my sister came to visit me and my boyfriend and to stay with us for a couple of days, which is pretty neat. Since then, I’ve stated in my mind that I will only do and spent time with those two lovely soul and here I am.

Two days already with them and I’m social media free. I was watching some show this morning to go with my coffee and I’ve realised I didn’t check Instagram and I was blown away. Not checking it made me wanting to do more things for myself, happy, made me have fun with the babe and the sis and ultimately it made me HAPPY. If you feel lost lately, get off social media. You only care about your life and your friends’s life right? Well a person doesn’t have more than 1-5 real friends so call them, go to dinner with them because you care about them. Why check what other persons are doing when you don’t even go out with them? Care for them? Think logically and try to be happy because life is shitty anyway so at least smile and make yours a good one.

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