My second blog is more private


I have a Tumblr. No surprise there. I had one since 2011 but I’ve deleted it and now I have one since 2014 and my Tumblr is the shit. Having said that, I post there little thoughts, insights of my heart and brain and anger and frustration and quotes I like so you can check it out if you are interested in the memoir of one 23yo who still wants to be 17.

I post “personal” things here as well but I want to believe that my Tumblr page is more private because it’s not that mainstream anymore so people who actually care of reading me hangout there much more than here. Sometimes I post copy/paste here what I post on there and like my last post, gets a lot of attention, I don’t know why. Anyway if you wanna be Tumblr buddies hit me up, there.



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