Redescovering yourself # New blog name


My blog started with the name of Soul Stripper. Not just because I undress people of their souls obviously but because my first favorite band AC/DC had a song called Soul Stripper and I’ve loved it a lot. “Then she made me say things I didn’t want to say,  Then she made me play games I didn’t want to play, She was a soul stripper, yeah, She took my heart, She was a soul stripper, ooh, And tore me apart” … yeah, yeah all that perfect jazz. But my favorite band and songs started to change, don’t worry I still rock myself daily on the path to Hell so the genres didn’t change much but I went a little soft… I guess that’s what age does to you. Sucks. So my next blog name was Between the covers. Sounds legit right? I write book reviews and stuff so my covers can be stripped down as well, do you feel me? But that didn’t hit the mark either. So I’ve finally changed my name into SIN CITY. I rebel, used to anyway. So lately I’ve come to my senses. I was born to rebel against things I assume are worth fighting for and I’m gonna keep this name for a while.

My point is… let go of everything that keeps you a prisoner in your own mind, body, lifestyle and just break free, fuck what everyone wants to believe about you and just do you. As for the blog? I’m reading some personal development badass kind of books lately which I will share with you guys. Oh, and I’ll be crazier than ever so you can finally see the real me.



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