Merrick, ANNE RICE | Book Review

“THE FOLLOWING NIGHT, I rose and find the sky uncommonly clear and full of visible stars. A good omen to all those in a state of grace.”

The book of Merrick was amazing and I’ve loved it’s atmosphere to the core. It was romantic as I’ve expected it because of Louis’s presence but it was much more than that. The story of Merrick was written by David Talbot the newest vampire that roams the Earth with Louis and a depressed Lestat. In the book Lestat is still a prisoner of it’s own mind and can’t be fully awakened. He listens to Mozart a lot and dreams of nothing. Louis and David are aware of this and scared for him, both of them want him to wake up. But this book is about the life of the powerful witch Merrick Mayfair and how she will bring back Claudia to Louis. Jesse a member of the Talamasca, went to explore an old house where she had found a rosery, a doll and the diary of vampire Claudia with it’s ghost as well. She ran taking the objects as fast as she could. But Louis found out about this episode and lives in much more torture thinking that her spirit is not at rest.

That’s why he asked David to implore Merrick to help him, to bring Claudia’s ghost at least for a moment so he himself can ask her if she is where she should be, resting in the universe that starts after one’s death.

The book is beautiful, serene, dark and twisted but all coated in romance, love and respect for the night. Give it a read even if you’re not a fan of the Vampire Chronicles but if you are, this is a must read.




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