Shows I like from ID EXtra and Why you should watch it

The criminal mind always had an impact on me, it just made me think. Why do people kill people? Why you want to hurt someone you love and why would you hurt a completely stranger? I’ve started watching Discovery Investigation the old ID Extra when I was 16-17yo. It had a lot of shows on that freaked me out, that scared me, shows that show murders, disappearances and people getting killed but it also made me more aware.

Seeing all those persons disappear, completely vanish from someone’s life, from their own lives made me think. People should be more careful. The nicest strangers could be criminals. In America is a fact. Here, not so much but you should always be aware of your surrounding. I love the forest, the wind beneath the trees but I never go there alone, I always text someone to know where I am even if I’m not alone. There are 0.01% chances for me to encounter a killer in the woods (it can never happen to me right? wrong) but even so, I can get lost, off trail, you never know. You always need to be aware, present in the moment, to think what’s good or wrong fast and to choose right. Your car broke down? Go to a hotel, yeah you splurge money but you don’t get in a car with a stranger. I would never go in a car with someone I don’t trust, trust him as a person, his driving skills, anything tbh.

So that had been said, you can also find some tips on my personal experience. Now, what shows do I watch on Discovery Investigation?

Disappeared, On the case with Paula Zahn, Who the bleep did I marry? (personal favorite), True crime with Aphrodite Jones, Obsession Dark Desires, Stalked, Nightmare next door, Scorned Crimes of Passion, The Will (sometimes), Deadly Affairs, Swamp Murders.

You can see from the title that the shows show real things. Stalkers, killers, persons close to you who went bat shit crazy in a bad, bad way. I know I maybe sound like a weird soccer mom with too much time on my hands but trust me you should at least give them one look! Better be a little paranoid than completely unaware. Better safe than fucking sorry.




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