Central Park, Guillaume Musso | Book review

Guillaume Musso slowly but surely is becoming one of my favourite authors. I loved his writing from the first book I’ve read from him and since then I’ve read three more. This year my goal is to finish every book he ever wrote.

Central Park. Two strangers are handcuffed together on a bench. They don’t know each other, how they got from Paris/Dublin in New York, they have no cellphones, no money. Alice is a cop in Paris, she has a gun in her jacket but it’s not hers. Gabriel is a jazz musician, he was partying in Dublin when he blacked out and found himself on a bench in NYC with Alice. They have codes on their hands written in the skin, a gun, Alice has blood on her blouse… They must know why are they there and for how long until the problems start to arrive.

The book is insane… The plot is mind blowing and it’s a good thriller, like so good that I’ve finished the book in one go! You just can’t put it down. Alice’s story is like a mastermind’s plan to shake your world and Gabriel is pretty insane himself. I gaved it a 5 star review on Goodreads.

If you are a master reader of thrillers add this to your list!




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