You may think I write harsh reviews but…

You may think I write harsh book reviews but… I was raised reading fine books, classics, mindful authors, writers with a passion in writing, artists and yes, lovers of words. So it comes naturally to want through those authors to find more books, more art, to want to inhale the words of such a brilliant mind, such a strong soul, to such a lovely character. And as I searched for them in the genres I like of course, I fine some, but others… Others make me cringe and I end up asking myself more and more why some authors are New York Times bestsellers? Is that a fashion? To be a praised author by the NYT? Or a good book is good just because it’s popular? I bloody hope not.

Not a long time ago I went into a famous library where I live, famous as in having all the books you can ever dream of in several languages. And I’ve asked the girl who works there what novels she has in store from Anne Rice. Mind you, I’ve searched for them on the library site first just to be sure, they had them. And she told me they don’t have them and I was surprised, asking her: Are you sure you don’t have any Anne Rice? Because I’ve seen the novels on your site… (cheeky I know, but when I’m sure of something, damn it, I’m sure). Then, bafled she told me that Anne Rice the famous author and the mother of all vampires, the mistress of darkness, didn’t wrote a single word since 1990, that her books are not published anymore. Lies, but I died a little inside. Not because she didn’t knew her but because she didn’t discovered her as an author. Everyone is reading new books, new authors and that’s fine by me, man that’s great! New voices need to be heard and praised. But a lot of times, the greatest are not into the 2016, 2017 novelists…

Why am I so harsh? Because books these days are weak, they are short and dumb and sometimes not even real. The times don’t stand, the characters lack in substance and the story line? … Don’t get me started on that. I do book reviews over this blog, I read bad books and very good books but I review them all. Why? Because I want to protect you from stupidity, from nonsense, to unite the us who stand for the last lovers of words from our generations.

If you know lovers of words please let me know, I would love to read their thoughts. Thank you and have a great night loves.



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