I see you, Clare Mackintosh | book review

I see you is a thriller novel where the action takes place at the underground London train service. People go there every time and from there, home or to work or even for a date in the city. But some take the same route everyday at the same hours, each day.  That’s how women with a tight schedule found themselves in the situation of being stalked but when Zoe Walker finds her photograph in the dating rubric she finds herself baffled. She didn’t put her name/photo there, she’s not even on a dating app. She is happy with Simon and her two kids from her first marriage.

Zoe investigates and sees that The Gazette has a different photograph of a different woman everyday and some of the women ride the same train as she does. So she calls the police finally when one of the women was murdered.

The novel is written in three perspectives, Zoe’s, Kelly’s which is the police officer who takes care of Zoe’s case, who also has a twin sister that was raped when they were younger and from the killer’s point of view. The last perspective I find interesting but it didn’t give up quite much of why the killer is doing what he is doing. I didn’t realise who could be the killer but I did found out near the end. It’s an easy book to read, it kept me going on it good but when I was near the end it kinda got boring. Spoiler alert maybe – there is a second part coming up this year and I don’t think I want to read it… It just wasn’t that good.




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