Declutter your life before the New Year starts

Decluttering is not only a way of relaxation the mind and the soul but it brings a lot of benefits to your day to day life as well. It improves your life standards, your mood and brings positivity inside the room.

I was just talking with my friend earlier about the movement and I’ve said to him that I will start decluttering on 1st of January, after a good sleep from the New Year’s Party and he said why not now? Why wait until the New Year when you can start getting rid of useless things now? And he couldn’t be more right in the matter.

Decluttering can happen in your house (throwing useless things in the bin) and in your life. People who aren’t there anyway shouldn’t be there in the first place, so why wait for them to come to you when they never do? Or they search for you just when they need you but the favor never stands when you need them. Fuck that. I’ve started decluttering in my belongings, in my house, in my apps, in my online “friends” and real ones. If you want better life quality you shouldn’t keep hanging onto people who don’t give a f#ck about you. I’ve started deleting artists as well (that I don’t find amazing anymore). I’m making room for new persons, positive vibes and a lovely environment and also – new things that could help my life get better.

Try it once, you’ll get addicted and it helps you to see the real value of things, persons and actions.



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  1. In 2017 I decluttered by ending a lot of so called friendships. It means I have more spare time now but they weren’t real friends in the first place. I agree with everything you say. Enjoy your New Years Eve party 😊

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    1. Dianna says:

      I understand perfectly where you’re coming from but good people will come into your life. My mother says: better alone than with bad company. Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful New Year! Hugs!

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