Three more reasons why you should watch The Grinch on Christmas

We all know the little not so cute green monster named The Grinch. I didn’t saw the movie until this Christmas with my sister and my boyfriend and we all loved it, which is a rare thing to say – all three of us liking the same thing. How Grinch stole Christmas is a story wrote by Dr. Seuss in 1957, more or less about himself and it is a Christmas classic. If you didn’t see it and want to watch it, here are three more reasons why you should!

  • It is a great movie for the winter holidays, it’s good to enjoy with friends, family or by yourself but especially you should see it with your dog. Trust me on this one. And it’s cozy af plus, the book is short and cute.
  • Jim Carrey’s performance.
  • Grinch was the outcast, the monster, the thing, the crazy but in my opinion he was the most logical one, the smartest and the most normal out of the whole town.

If you forgot what Christmas is truly about or you have a friend who did, I highly recommand the movie for both of you.





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