For the people who like to wander

Yesterday I’ve found a very neat and interesting Tumblr page. It had everything I’ve ever loved, the mountains, the woods, cabins and good music. The page had a q&a section so I’ve asked the owner of such beauty if he would love to live in a cabin of some sort over the season of winter. This morning he replied: “Yes I would love to. One of the most peaceful places to be, and only a few understand.” And I’ve suddenly had an ephiphany. He was right, it not only is a sanctuary for the mind and soul but only a few understand. There are only a few of us who would love the feel the cold wind in the morning, the smell of the trees and the abandonment of the forest, the breaking silence and the company of good. So let us unite, very few of us know the rest of us. I will leave his page down below and please tell me in the comments where and how do you like to relax. Have a good one babes xx



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