Friday night in a library

I am so thrilled that at least one person knows by heart where I am when no one else can find me. If I’m not at home with my doggie, at my favourite pub, at shopping for makeup and clothes or at a good movie, my lover knows where to find me – in a good, old, full of books, hope and dreams library.  My persons know where to find me and this adds to my calm in times of need. I don’t hide in a library, I go there to find myself.

Friday used to be a day of spinning my head off at lame parties with people I don’t even care about, who didn’t effing care about me either and that’s fine. Those times were the times of experiences, it was “cool” to be dumb and drunk and not home in the morning and it’s still cool now and that’s fine as well. I’ve always had a book with me, I’ve always wanted to go home where the music is better and where I can accept only the people I care about. Because in the end it is about what YOU care about.

If you feel bad at a party just leave. Go home, have a drink and dance to the jazz in your living room, listen to Whitesnake and dream of love and thunder, order some food for the munchies and watch a good movie, an effing great movie and read that book. Educate yourself for the ones who will come and the ones who will forever matter but please educate yourself for always having a friend, a great mind and a good spirit guarding over you until the day you find peace, probably in a library on a Friday.

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