Have we lost our minds?

Listening to a guitar slowly singing in the light but all I can see is darkness around me. In the society I live, people tend to lose themselves in lust and hurtful feelings, the weak ones are actually the strong ones, the stupid ones are considered the smartest and the old souls live in a constant despair. Love isn’t to die for anymore, love isn’t for forever anymore and it just kills me. It pushes me over the edge, it makes me go crazy.

People don’t think it’s enough to know 2-3 persons better than anyone else on this damned planet, they need to hang out with 1000 persons that they don’t know anything about and they don’t even care about them. We search for adoration and pursue attention in all the wrong places, in all the wrong persons. We give power over us to all the unworthy ones and we talk to strangers easily than we talk to our loved ones. We destroy ourselves in the most painful way.

We believe in nothing, in empty souls who are nothing.

Principals like love, respect and loyalty are long gone… Sometimes I feel so alone, so lonely in this run for life, for pleasure and pain, for lust… I just want to be happy, I want everyone to be happy, I want everyone to stop lying to themselves and reconsider who should be in your life and who shouldn’t.

There are people out there, I know some, who’s principals are very strict and very on point, they are loyal, loving, they care… Go and search for these people and you will never suffer again, people who know what they want and pursue it even if they have to die for it. If I would have to die for love, I would. In a heartbeat. This aren’t just black spots on a paper which I will forget about, these spots are in my brain, deep in heart, deep inside of me running wild and I can’t contain them. I can’t rule over them so I will let them rule over me. Even if sometimes it gets too much to cope with, I cope with it.


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