Home alone

Hello my dear travelers,

I come with another update, I am home alone tonight yeeeees and also sick, October’s wind is strongly cold this year and I can’t be more happy about it, especially when I’m covered up in my warm blanket with Anne’s Rice novel – The wolf gift, something savoury to snack on to and a good minty candle burning away. I’ve also put my fairy lights in the kitchen where is my work place lately. Makes me feel cozier I guess. I am a creature of habit as you can see.

I would love to hear from you guys because I don’t know what to talk about lately, since I am busy with uni/life, my mind not being that free as I would prefer, it gets hard to think of a topic, but if you guys have any curiosity when it comes to me, uni, books and everything else, ask me 🙂 I am here and I am nice haha.

A review on The wolf gift will come, spoiler alert *I love it so far*


Have a great night loves.




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