Anne Rice novels to read this Autumn

I am a big fan of vampire literature so if it’s classic, romantic and well written, I devour it. Finding Anne Rice was the best thing I’ve ever found in my reading life. So of course I will read her this autumn and if you guys enjoy romance novels where mystery is the key, you would love these ones as well 🙂

large (3).jpg

The Mayfair Witches Saga

Family stories about a mysterious family of witches from the beginning of time until present New Orleans. The story also talks about Lasher, the demon who felt in love with all the witches in the family and had it’s way with them.

large (1).jpg

The Wolf Gift and Wolves of Midwinter

The story talks about a young guy who feels in love with an very older woman and then he becomes a werewolf but not any werewolf. Anne Rice reinvents the werewolf that we know and makes it better.


The Vampire Chronicles

The only vampire books you should ever read.






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