Concept: A day to myself

Wake up early and go for a walk before the sun rises and world starts to whisper. Drink a giant mug of coffee in your favorite place, be the first customer and have a good book in your purse. Watch the city wake up to life. Take a bus with a smile on your face to your favorite library, buy a notebook, fall decorations and ingredients for your favorite dish. After that, go and unwind on a hill from where you can see the whole town whilst drinking a can of iced cold Coke and read a chapter from your book. Go home. Cuddle with your dog for one hour, call all your loved ones and just write for another hour. Cook for you and your doggie and then go for a long walk with your pet soulmate in a new location for you both. Come home, light some candles, open another can of Coke. Write. Read. Take a bath. Watch that show and fall asleep early so the night will be long and cozy.



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