Close to Halloween

Hello fellow travelers, vampires and witches!

Welcome to my page.


I am the kind of person who waits for Halloween from July and for Christmas from May, that’d been said I adore autumn. I can’t wait for it! Where I live right now the weather became crisp, it’s sunny outside but it’s windy, the air is cold. Exactly how I take it. My body feels autumn is coming, I’ve started listening to Framing Hanley again (autumnal band for me only), Danzig and I’ve caught myself reading more, buying books, going on dates like crazy with my baby and making my eyeliner sharper. The season of witches is near and thanks to my bestie Jules who had introduced The Vampire Diaries to me, I feel autumn more than ever. Tonight that’s what I’m doing, giving my soul to eternal love, vampires and the beauty of Mystic Falls.

Have a great night babes xx




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