How to have an amazing day

Do what you want and makes you happy!

Easy as that!


Today I’ve decided to have a fun day. I don’t know why but lately I’m just a little bit angry/upset but not that upset. I don’t want these feelings to continue any further then today so I am making myself feeling better. Today I’ve spend it with my family and it was great. I’ve also spend it playing with my dog which made me realise how much I love spending my time with that cute little doggo of mine.

To end the day on a fine note, I’m currently in bed writing, watching Castle because it gives me a feeling of peace that I only get when autumn is near (also 3 months until Halloween yaaaas!), sipping some iced Diet Coke bc hmmm diets… summer body and stuff but having loads of fun on my own (babe is busy today so I’m alone).

The point is, take your time. Make yourself feel relaxed, happy and like you don’t have a care in the world! 🙂 bc sometimes you don’t have to have one!

Oh and today was a sunny lovely day but the wind was autumn cold, just like I like it ❤

Thank you for reading me 🙂


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