The art of being busy

I love being busy. Being busy is the best thing in life, mainly because  you have a reason to be lazy, you have a good reason to relax (not that you need one) but for me it works, I relax better and get into that mood when I feel like I’ve deserved it.  So I sometimes hate studying but I love the fact that it keeps me busy whilst it provides me to expand my mind.

I want to start an experiment this week, one day I will be nothing but productive and the second day I will only chill down and relax. I want to feel the goodness in it, I want to see how victory tastes. I will come back to give you guys a feedback, you can try this as well and tell me how it worked for you. You don’t have to study, everything goes, walking, running, swimming, learning, cooking, inventing things, getting creative, writing, EVERYTHING.


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