Take a selfie, fake a life

How many social media accounts do you own?

Why do you have them?

Do you use Pinterest to make up a panel of destinations you want to conquer someday? But when?

Do you use Facebook to stay in touch with friends that now don’t live with you in the same place? When are you actually going to see them?

Do you use Tumblr to speak out your feelings, for others to see your thought process? But when are you going to talk with the persons that actually matter, the only ones that can help you?

When will you stop having a life to show to people who don’t matter, to people with no faces, no souls that you can learn?

Take a selfie, fake a life.


STOP faking feelings, places, moments for people on the internet, people that you don’t know, who probably don’t give a fuck about your expectations, opinions, morals, principals, life. When you pin that picture, buy a plane ticket to go with it, book a hotel, enjoy yourself. Make pictures for your heart not for some feed who doesn’t bring you anything but entertainment. Entertaiment – remember when social media was just for that? Me neither… Go and love the people you love, show them, crave them, make their lives beautiful, make them matter. In the end, social media is just a platform of manipulating yourself from your roots, your goals, your mind, your learning process, your mind, your loves. LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS, SHOW PEOPLE YOU TRUST AND LOVE THEM. BELIEVE IN FOREVER AND REBEL, FIGHT FOR WHAT IT MATTERS!




Didu xx




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