Are you a bookworm?

A bookworm/bookdragon is a person who adores to read books, lives through them and for them. How do you know if you are a bookworm yourself? It’s easy, I present to you some bookworm facts that show if you are indeed a book warrior.


  1. You spend all your money on books and if some money remain untouched you just save them to buy other books that may interest you in the future.
  2. Your life time dream is to have a great office in your house where you can store all your books, just like an indoor library.
  3. You are careful when it comes to your books, you can’t just borrow them to everyone.
  4. You don’t ask for someone to lend you a book, you write the title in your phone and then you go out and buy it.
  5. You carry a book with you, everywhere you go. Guilty…
  6. You’ve started drinking coffee just because it looks good next to your book…
  7. The ultimate step: you have a favorite genre BUT you read everything around you.



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