5 reasons why rainy nights are the best

Are you in love with the rain? I know I am, I love it to pieces and I think my relationship with the rain will last probably my whole life. I want to share tonight with you 5 reasons why rainy nights are the coolest nights out there!

When it’s raining, you sleep better

I know I do. Right now it’s pouring rain outside and I have my windows open because I think the sound of rain is the best nature sound out there. Being in bed listening how the water fights the soul of the Earth, gosh it’s a dream. Resting your head on the comfy pillows whilst outside is cold and wet, let me tell you right now: it’s called perfection.


No rain, no flowers

I seriously believe rain makes you feel eliberated and wild and relaxed and it has the same effect on you as a person as it has on the plants. It makes you feel alive.

Reading on rainy days

Nothing is better than this… Nothing.

large (1)

Rain is great all year round

Not even kidding, have you ever experienced a cold winter rain? It’s magical. How about summer rain? Fast, warm and hiding with your loved one from it’s little water drops? Pure magic.

Rain is romantic

For many poets/writers/artists over the years rain constituted the essence of love and it still is, look everywhere around you when it’s raining, people tend to get more into each other.

large (2).jpg


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