General things from the 90s

I just miss the 90s.


Well that’s a hard statement because I was actually born in the 90s. But man, I swear everything about it was amazing, I can see from my parents pictures when I was a kid, I remember vividly the smell of the grass in the summer, those long summer nights, camping with my family, bike riding, that general state of pure happiness and joy. And I’m not talking only from my perspective, my parents and their friends told me a lot about the 90s as well. You don’t even have to learn about the 90s from someone you know, the cinematic era was amazing, like every goddamn best things was born and died in the 90s. The bands we’re amazing, everything was cheap (band tickets mainly), Hollywood was fucking great, great novels were written, everybody was young haha and it was so close to the golden “year” – the 80s. Oh, don’t even get me started on the 80s…

“Talk to the hand”, “As if”, “Slammin”, “Whatever”, “All that and a bag of chips” were phrases accepted to the core in the 90s. Technology was at it’s first and best by that time and it was pumping goods into the world! Toys were everywhere, cool, amazing, genuine toys.

Chicks everywhere and they were dressing so fucking awesome, parties were epic!!

I just want to make some top **** from the 90s, so I made this piece (small Ikr) as an introduction, you can leave a comment down below with what things you want us to discuss about the freaking 90s.


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