Forest lover: The forest’s magic light

I am in love with the woods, the forest, the lakes, my country because it is filled with such wealth. The smell of grass in the morning, the smell after the rain stops to water the plants, the earth, the smell of coffee in a wooden kitchen, in a wooden cabin, in my dear woods.


I’ve planned a lot of roadtrips to the forest this summer. This weekend we may leave for Garana as well. Garana, an open field filled with wilderness, wild flowers, pines, narrow rivers and german country houses, lakes with islands of trees in the middle, Heaven.

Timber crackling in the fire at night, the moon showing you the forgotten roads in it’s pale magic light.


Houses fast asleep in the dark, in the magic of the night. The sound of a lonely forest at night… Fireflies all around you.

Your hand in my hand near a fireplace, in the silence of the night, in a cabin made of our pure souls delight.


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