Project: Cabin in the woods

Also, get to know me better!



Hello friends ! I am excited to say I gained a lot of you as my followers and I just want to thank you all (hugs) by making a post about one of my many goals in life. I want to own a cabin in the woods by the time I’m 30. And I’m not talking about my parents having one for I to just go there to unwind and over the weekends. No, although that would be fun, I want to buy and design my own cabin in the woods until I reach that age, maybe closer in time because I am crazy as Hell when it comes to making dreams into reality. And I’ve made a plan and I’m raising the money with my boyfriend because we have a serious relationship and we want to grow old together so the cabin will be both our work. Which doesn’t make it easier trust me… But I just love the feeling of being in the woods, the shades of green and the shadow of the trees when the sun is up, the moonlight at night… And just being there, free and alone with the love of my life sounds freaking good to me!

Now I’m just going to post some cabin interior inspo.





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