Some mornings…

Some mornings are just brilliant… I’ve woken up at 7am almost, cause it was close to 8. Walked the doggie than cuddled in bed with her for a while, did some meditation for like 5 minutes because that’s how much I can stay still. Did my workout (fuck yeah cause that hurt), went downstairs to the kitchen to get some bought iced coffee from the fridge, didn’t want to take the time to actually prepare one #guilty. Loads of sugar but hey!!! I am my own demise. Post a picture on Instagram to validate my existence and now I will write a little on my upcoming novel. Also, I’m sweet talking on the phone with babe because everybody needs a little lovin’ and not just from McDonalds.

Stay safe xx


I’m a quiet person. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and observe more than you know. Which makes me happy to know how idiotic some people can be as I choose to live as a God, with few people around me, mostly alone and in the woods that conquer my 🖤 #soul


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