Dear teenage self


I will tell you right now not to do some things but you’re going to do them anyway and guess what? Those would be brilliant, fucking rad moments.

Some people that you will meet will suck… Like so hard you would want to punch them in their ugly face, but when you’re going to be 21yo they will not be in your life anymore, which is a positive outcome if you ask me.

Don’t worry that you’ve lost your girl bestfriend in highschool, when Uni starts she will be back into your life for good because real friends stay together no matter what.

Your boobs will open many doors but not the good kind so stay in your room and read a lot.

Read all the clasics that you can put your hands on because when you’re going to be 20 something you will not enjoy them that much.

Buy the whole collection of Agatha Christie’s works. Just buy it.

Raise money because you like to spend a lot of money on a lot of useless stuff so when you’ll find something amazing to buy you will need those extra dollars.

Be kind to your parents because they are fucking heroes and the best people you will ever meet. To your sister as well, because she rocks.

Rock’n roll is here to stay and will help you through a lot.

You will find the love of your life sooner than you’d be expecting it.

You can do it on your own. It’s easy.

Your garden is your favorite place on Earth.

You will get a dog and it will be the best dogo you will ever have!

And liquid eyeliner is your everyday thing. It just is.



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