Explore the forest with me…

Last Sunday I felt like I’ve needed an escape… from school, from relationships of any kind, from books, from Netflix, from myself even and I’ve went to the forest. It’s the only escape I can get without having to face social interaction and I love it. I don’t drink so a bar doesn’t usually figures as an escape for me but now that I think about it, it could be the best escape because no one that knows me truly would know to search for me in a bar. Although I don’t want to disappear, I just needed to runaway for a couple of hours. Sometimes everything in my brain is going nuts at full speed and I can’t take a grip, my exams are coming, my writing slowed down, I don’t do what I love yet and it can be frustrating.

Walking into the forest can be scary I know and I don’t recommend you going alone, ever… But walking near her with no soul around except the one’s you deeply care about is a gift of no measure and of a great importance. I walk near the woods because I like the freedom, I want it to consume every bit of me. Near the forest road I can’t possibly see someone I know, bump into annoying persons I just don’t want to bump into and it’s a great experience to share with someone close to your heart.

After that walk, I went home, walked my doggie, had a great dinner and watched some Supernatural, ending my day in bed with a book I’ve quite enjoyed it’s what I recommand in time of need. Take care of your body but double the care for your mind and soul. Have a great week guys 🙂

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Rock Hard, Olivia Cunning | book review

Hear me up… I know I’ve said I wouldn’t read the second book of Sinners on Tour but it was about Sed and who doesn’t love a bad boy with feelings? That been said here’s how the story goes in this one:

Every night lead singer, Sed Lionheart whips thousands of women into a frenzy with his voice alone. But the stage is the only place Sed feels any passion since he lost Jessica…

It shattered her heart, but law student Jessica broke off her engagement to Sed, determined to be successful on her own terms. But no other man can ever hold a candle to Sed…

In the chaos of things Jessica gets to be an asistent on tour with the Sinners so she sees Sed everyday… and she fucks him all day, all night. But she uses him as a toy because he made her suffer. And he suffers as well… But she still loves him… How will it end?

I liked the book, I still think it is poorly written but it’s just about the sex in it and the sex parts are great. It had a lot of steam in it which I can’t deny was amazing. Nothing beats having it with a rockstar I suppose, actually nothing beats having it with someone who knows what they are doing, they are good at it and they tease the Hell out of you. This is a book for everybody, a book that girls can dream about and a manual of sex for guys – if you really want to have her come before you even touch her. It can be a manual for girls as well to learn different techniques on things which I did . I recommand it for that purpose only 😉


The wolves of Midwinter, Anne Rice | Book review

The second and last novel in the serie The Wolf Gift, a serie about werewolves Anne Rice style, romantic, gothic and genuine to the core, The wolves of Midwinter is exquisite in romance, action and ghost stories (apparently).

The novel opens on a cold, gray landscape. It is the beginning of December. Oak fires are burning in the stately flickering hearths of Nideck Point. It is Yuletide. For Reuben Golding, now infused with the wolf gift and under the loving tutelage of the Morphenkinder, this Christmas promises to be like no other . . . as he soon becomes aware that the Morphenkinder, steeped in their own rituals, are also celebrating the Midwinter Yuletide festival deep within Nideck forest.

Reuben is now living at Nideck Point with all the werevolves that he trusts but one night he gets haunted by the ghost of Marchent, Felix Nideck’s niece that horribly died in that house, killed by her own brothers. Apparently she doesn’t know she’s dead and become a ghost filled with misunderstanding and anger, a tormented soul that freaks Reuben’s heart to the core. They have to help Marchent to escape the humans world in order for her not to suffer anymore but that’s not an easy task. Laure also took the chrism and she is now prepared to become a werewolf. Reuben is scared about Laura’s step but he loves her no matter what. Yuletide is in full swing but eerie things start to happen… How will Anne Rice’s story end?

The book was good and although the vampire novels of hers are more on the erotic side I missed that part in the Wolf Gift serie. I wish there was more… But it was a great story that I’ve pretty much enjoyed. I still believe the first book was way better than the second one.



The New Liam Neeson Movie and Why You Should Watch It – The Commuter | Review

I went to see The Commuter earlier tonight with my dad and my sister, my mom didn’t come because she is more into chick flicks than any action movie give or take so the movie isn’t for her but I bet it is for you!

After the movie was over, I’ve asked my father what’s his opinion on it and he summed it up in just one word: real. And indeed it was. The movie was honest, real, unforgiven with the society we live in and sometimes that’s a smart move. We have to face reality so we know on what to expect in order to fight back. There’s no surprise that I’ve loved it from the beginning where near his bed you could find The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (my favourite thrilogy) and to the end where that cute little girl full of tattoos got rid of her stupid boyfriend.

It was a psychological thriller where a businessman is caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home and my God was it smart! I don’t want to say more, I bet some of you will not like this review because it doesn’t give up anything but trust me and go see the movie, it’s fucking brilliant.


Breakfast Smoothie Ideas

I’m all into clean eating this year and I believe that small steps matter the most because this is the key to consistency. And being constant means being efficient and the result with stick with you for a longer time. If you want to eat less and clean start with a high protein breakfast to keep you full longer over the day. Plus fruits have a lot of vitamins that in time will help your body be stronger. I have two recipes to share with you for a good smoothie.

First is my favorite, a little bit of almond milk, put in that NutriBullet some frozen strawberries, raspberries and in general a lot of berries, some cashew nuts and more almonds, bananas and blend it away. I promise you guys, it’s delicious.



The second recipe for a great smoothie is:

Orange, green apples and red ones, one banana, kiwi, carrots, oatmeal, nuts and cinnamon.


Chatty but small update

Hi guys 🙂

I’m doing this little update to warn you, yes warn you that I will not post until the 6th of February. Well, to be completely honest, I will post but from time to time. My exam session has officially started and my last exam is due on 6th of Feb. Until then I will just study and study and die probably because I hate force studying and school in general. Learning is what I dig. I am currently reading The wolves of Midwinter, the second and last novel in Anne Rice’s serie The wolf gift, so expect a review on that. I’m sorry for the lack of content in January… I will work into it and I promise that some great posts and more about me will come on the blog until the summer comes.

When my exams are over I will post every single day. If you guys have uni as well, good luck and take care of yourselves! Can’t wait to see you here again 🙂



Cartea clanului Baltimore, Joel Dicker | Book Review

Cartea clanului Baltimore este o carte despre drama unei familii frumoase. Marcus este un scriitor faimos care a plecat pe o insula sa isi scrie noua carte, chiar Cartea clanului Baltimore. Pe  insula nu cunoaste pe nimeni decat pe vecinul sau care si el isi doreste sa devina scriitor dar fiind inaintat in varsta si vaduv vrea sa scrie cartea doar sa uite ca e singur. Datorita unui caine “vagabond”, Marcus o gaseste pe fosta lui iubita Alexandra, acum cantareata faimoasa si spera la o continuare a relatiei lasate in urma.

Cartea se imparte in doua planuri, prezentul dintre Marcus, cartea si Alexandra si trecutul in care Marcus alaturi de verisorii lui Hillie si Woody traiau apogeul tineretii lor intr-o America libera si prospera. Cartea este povestea trecutului si a dramei care a schimbat viata tuturor. Secrete peste secrete dar eu am terminat-o in cateva ore si are aproape 500 de pagini, cum nu ma grabesc cu cartiile in general eu zic ca a fost destul de buna.

Ce nu mi-a placut la carte:

  • diferenta dintre cele doua familii si comportamentul bunicilor fata de clanul Montclair (nu am mentionat clanurile pentru ca nu vreau sa dau spoilere DAR familia este impartita in doua, familia bogata si prospera din Baltimore si cealalta parte a familiei din Montclair, o familie normala si modesta)
  • cartea a fost mult prea dramatica (pentru mine), drama greu de imaginat dar cutremuratoare
  • nu mi-a placut “gustul” pe care mi l-a lasat, efectiv m-a deprimat si nu ma asteptam la asta

O recomand in cazul in care iti plac thrillerele mild cu o situatie dramatica over the roof.



Seriale la care ma uit iarna

Iarna aceasta nu e cine stie ce… si asta ma deranjeaza enorm. Nu vezi zapada, nu e frig, natura e in full force mode ceea ce e okay I guess dar vreau zapada. Aseara am iesit afara sa ma plimb si aerul trada primavara ce se asterne tot mai mult asupra pamantului unde locuiesc, asupra orasului. Nu inteleg. Acasa, in orasul meu natal stau langa munte si aerul curat si rece este prezent la datorie mai mereu, pana si in noptiile de vara dar pana si acasa e cald acum …

Vroiam sa fac o serie de seriale la care ma uit de tip cosy dar cum iarna aceasta nu prezinta inghetul pe care mi-l doresc, nici seriale nu sunt so cosy daaaar am sa va las cateva seriale la care ma uit iarna aceasta 🙂

a7010e041b1f21492a84d4914f178cf8 Doar ce am inceput sa ma uit la Supernatural datorita surorii mele si pasiunii ei pentru Dean. Don’t get me wrong, am inceput sa ne uitam impreuna pentru ca multa lume o face si povestea e wow dar eu am renuntat usor pentru ca nu sunt chiar persoana potrivita cu care sa vezi filme de groaza. Hell daca ai face asta, I’ll not even be there! Dar ea a continuat sa ne uite si am why the Hell not? Serialul e cu doi frati care lupta cu supernaturalul, fantome, demonii totul pe un fundal rock’n roll deci recomand.


Seinfeld – prea amuzant, prea genial, actori superbi and Newman!

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Book reviews | What to expect from me in 2018

Hello my lovely travelers, I am glad you are here with me for the second year of my blog journey, I want to thank each and one of you because you guys are great. Even if just one person would read my blog I would be content and happy about it.

2017 was a Hell of a year in book reviews, most of the books I’ve read didn’t caught the chase because they sucked. I hated them with a passion. Now, because of that I want to change 2018’s itinerary.

In 2018 I would love to read more from the writers I know I love, so expect a serie on Anne Rice but I will read and read some genres that I didn’t inspect before. I also want to read a lot of self help books, how to write a novel books and maybe to share with you a part of the novel I am currently writing. Also I’ll incorporate some cooking recipes because cooking relaxes me in such a soothing way it’s not even real. Expect some thrillers, mystery novels, vampiric ones and maybe, maybe some romance novels (erotic novels don’t count!).

I just hope you guys will be here to see the reviews, if you want me to read a book give it to me in a comment down below or tell me in a comment your favourite book and I will read it as well.