Pandora by Anne Rice | spoiler free book review


The novel opens in present-day Paris in a crowded café, where David meets Pandora. She is two thousand years old, a Child of the Millennia, the first vampire ever made by the great Marius. David persuades her to tell the story of her life.

Pandora begins, reluctantly at first and then with increasing passion, to recount her mesmerizing tale, which takes us through the ages, from Imperial Rome to eighteenth-century France to twentieth-century Paris and New Orleans. She carries us back to her mortal girlhood in the world of Caesar Augustus, a world chronicled by Ovid and Petronius. This is where Pandora meets and falls in love with the handsome, charismatic, lighthearted, still-mortal Marius. This is the Rome she is forced to flee in fear of assassination by conspirators plotting to take over the city. And we follow her to the exotic port of Antioch, where she is destined to be reunited with Marius, now immortal and haunted by his vampire nature, who will bestow on her the Dark Gift as they set out on the fraught and fantastic adventure of their two turbulent centuries together.


Pandora to me was like a breath of fresh air taken with some desert dust. The book starts with Pandora writing her own story into David’s notebooks, her story that should had been more about Marius and her love for him and the ages that they had spend together in sin. The first 200 pages were like walking through the hot desert without any water, the story was dry, Pandora describing more the actions that happened in ancient Rome and talked more about Caesar and Tiberius than her own life which to be honest was a bit boring. I love that the author has a passion for history and story telling but I don’t think that this kind of approach matched Pandora that much. But if you are a fan of Anne’s vampires and decided to finish the book like I did, it’s great. The book is a piece of history driven by a powerful vampire and love nonetheless. After the dusty 200 pages Marius appears again into Pandora’s story and it’s hauntingly beautiful. Pandora’s story is a story about betrayal, love and greatness.

Please bare with me and read those first 200 pages. It is good, I promise but you’ll need a lot of coffee to start with. I gaved it only 3 stars just because of the slow beginning.



Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling #2 | spoiler-free book review


The Dursleys were so mean and hideous that summer that all Harry Potter wanted was to get back to the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. But just as he’s packing his bags, Harry receives a warning from a strange, impish creature named Dobby who says that if Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, disaster will strike

And strike it does. For in Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, fresh torments and horrors arise, including an outrageously stuck-up new professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, a spirit named Moaning Myrtle who haunts the girls’ bathroom, and the unwanted attentions of Ron Weasley’s younger sister, Ginny.

But each of these seem minor annoyances when the real trouble begins, and someone — or something — starts turning Hogwarts students to stone. Could it be Draco Malfoy, a more poisonous rival than ever? Could it possibly be Hagrid, whose mysterious past is finally told? Or could it be the one everyone at Hogwarts most suspects . . . Harry Potter himself?


I loved the first book so there’s no surprise that I love the second one as well. The characters are showing more of their true colors through an amazing adventure that of course happens during the second school year of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s at Hogwarts.

In this book the adventure is actually made out of an old story. There were four professors who built Hogwarts and professor Slytherin made a secret room that hides a beast that can kill the wizards born without a pure wizard blood. He thought that pure bloods should be the one working with magic, letting no room for half wizards in the school. The monster broke loose because the chamber of secrets was finally opened.

I recommend them with all my heart and I will finish the serie in time, don’t want to waste it too fast. Oh and my love for Severus grows only stronger.


Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone | book review


Your mind has a secret invisible talisman. On one side is emblazoned the letters PMA (positive mental attitude) and on the other the letters NMA (negative mental attitude). A positive attitude will naturally attract the good and the beautiful. The negative attitude will rob you of all that makes life worth living.

Your success, health, happiness, and wealth depend on how you make up your mind!

When motivational pioneer Napoleon Hill and millionaire CEO W. Clement Stone teamed up to form one of the most remarkable partnerships of all time, the result was Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, the phenomenon that proposed to the world that with the right attitude, anyone can achieve his or her dreams.


This book is as strong as the Bible can be. Reading through it was like talking with an old friend who keeps all the secrets of a good life with him and wants to share them with you. It’s a self help book, which means you can have everything you want (money, love, health, happiness, recognition and so on) because of this book but only you can do it. Only YOU can achieve everything you’ve ever wished for throught the help that this book offers for free and packed with all the positive thinking you can grasp.

The book contains a lot of advice, strong and good, easy to follow advice. I can’t say anything more than this, just read it, just do it and you will rise as a Phoenix.


Good as gone by Amy Gentry | spoiler-free book review


Thirteen-year-old Julie Whitaker was kidnapped from her bedroom in the middle of the night, witnessed only by her younger sister. Her family was shattered, but managed to stick together, hoping against hope that Julie is still alive. And then one night: the doorbell rings. A young woman who appears to be Julie is finally, miraculously, home safe. The family is ecstatic—but Anna, Julie’s mother, has whispers of doubts.  She hates to face them. She cannot avoid them. When she is contacted by a former detective turned private eye, she begins a torturous search for the truth about the woman she desperately hopes is her daughter.


OMFG. This book is everything, a strong minded thriller with all the mystery you can write. I’ve started reading it last night and finished it before I falled asleep. It was suspenful to say at least, it was horrifying. Imagine this, the person you love the most has disappeared, after 8 years you still don’t know anything, you just finally start to accept that maybe she is dead. You just want a body to bury. And then just like that she comes one day at your doorstep. You are amazed, happy, relieved, scared, in complete wonder. After having her back into the house you see some things that just don’t go with the person you know, but you undertsand that she changed in all those horrible years and then you realize, the daughter you watch in the eyes isn’t yours. She is someone else, someone else in the kitchen helping your husband cook dinner, someone else in your other’s daughter car going to the mall, someone you don’t even know but why? Why is she there?

This book is so much more than this, the trauma of it all. More than all the girls who disappeared and more than Julie. It’s mind blowing and it’s amazing, it makes you skip some beats.

Disclaimer: so sorry guys for not having a proper picture but I am busy out of my mind. This will never repeat again!


forgive AND forget

What I’ve learned in my 23 years of living is that people may sometimes forgive but never forget and I slightly get that but holding a grundge is stupid and painful as well and mostly for yourself. People were mean to me and some of them really hurt me but I forgive them and I forget what they did because if I think about it I only draw negative things and stupid people into my life and I can’t take that. I don’t talk to those people anymore but I don’t resent them either. They are not in my life anymore and that’s fine by me, Hell that’s awesome for me. I am the type of person who loves and loves and loves but I’m also pretty fucking crazy loyal so I can’t hurt you if I love you can’t I? And I can’t be in your life if I don’t love at least one thing about you can I?

My advice to you is to move on. Love the people in your life, give them your soul, give them everything because they are important to you and to the mean ones you should give them forgiveness. I’ve saw someone who had hate thrown at them constantly by one person for years and you know what he told the person after years of stupid comments thrown at him for no reason? “Btw I don’t hate you.” And that for me was baffling… First I didn’t understand, I’ve thought he was a coward but you know what? He was smart and genuine and kind and he moved on, he was happy and you can be as well only if you forgive but most importantly if you FORGET.

New blog | Update

Hello guys,

I just want to tell you that I have a new blog on Blogger and it’s only about book reviews but in romanian. I will still do book reviews here (same book reviews) in english but this blog will have more intimate articles on it. The other blog, the romanian one will only have book reviews in my native language, so if you are from Romania you can read my book reviews there, if you just want to know more about me, this blog is the way to go.

The romanian book reviews blog will be linked down below if that’s what you want to keep on reading:

Thank you for listening and I hope you’ll keep reading me 🙂 I’ll be here for you!



Dead Man’s Folly by Agatha Christie | spoiler-free reviews

Ariadne Oliver, Queen of Crime Fiction, has been asked to devise a “Murder Hunt” for a fête at Nasse House, the home of Sir George Stubbs. But she begins to suspect that someone is manipulating the scenario of her game and fears that something very sinister is being planned.

She sends for her old friend Hercule Poirot. At first he is not inclined to take her very seriously but soon a series of events propels him to change his mind.

Then suddenly all Ariadne’s worst fears are realised when the girl playing the part of the murder victim is found strangled in the boat-house. For Hercule Poirot, the Murder Hunt has become a grim reality.


I loved the book, it was short, on point and teriffying. It was written on mystery and the characters this time were wild… Mean and ugly at heart people. When Poirot meets them on the request of miss Oliver, he too feels like something is not quite right but when the maiden who plays the corpse gets murdered he remains baffled. Who would want to kill a sixteen yo girl who was indeed a little superficial but didn’t had the means to hurt anybody?

Lady Stubbs goes missing as well and a lot of theories happen here… But when Poirot talks with the ex owner of the house and she talks about Lady Stubbs like she was already dead not even after two hours from the disappearance, he gets little but strong ideas. You see, Poirot has the same feeling about Lady Stubbs… The book is short and amazing, quite terrifying at some parts, it kind of scared me a little which is not that usual for an Agatha Christie novel.

It gets a little sad because you see how old Poirot really is but that doesn’t stop him for finding the real murderer and oh that’s a surprise. The idea for the killing is pretty basic when you get to it but you won’t get there alone… 5/5 on Goodreads from me, you can also follow me there to see what I’m currently reading


My relationship with Buzzfeed

Everyone knows about Buzzfeed, you’ve either encountered their videos on Youtube or maybe you’ve searched for something on Google and their blog has all the answers but I know for sure that you’ve encountered them at least once. Being a famous social platform with millions of followers they thought every little thing they creat will work. But most of the time all they talk about is bullsh*t and they expand that bullsh*t on and on and what amazes me the most is that a lot of people believe them all the freaking time. I have a love hate relationship with Buzzfeed for a lot of reasons, they smack talk, they have a lot of stupid opinions about various topics and they truly just listen to what they say so and only what they say so is right. They basically act like annoying teens. A lot of great people had left Buzzfeed and that to me was the final reason to unsubscribe. Their articles on the blog are also poorly written.

But I still watch some shows from them and if you have the same opinion as me, here are some shows that deserve a little rule breaking.

Buzzfeed Unsolved –  Buzzfeed Unsolved documentaries are legit, the facts are right and good, the information is plenty, the guys rock it, they serve history on a plate and you can see through them some amazing places whilst hearing of conspirations and some old and cool ghost stories. I also watch a little the routines of CEO’s or something life changing but there’s not a lot of that.